Monday, November 19, 2012

Laughter was immediate. 

My daughter Izzie snuggled her face into Joseph's little neck while murmuring motherly words to him when she jumped away from him and screamed, "MOM! You've got to come over here and smell Joseph!"

"Why? Does he stink?" 

Of late, I've been exercising hard and oftentimes have to nurse shortly after the workout is complete. I get a shower, but poor Joseph sometimes gets forgotten. Nonetheless, I braced myself for the "he smells like butt" comment that has been a recent favorite, which I thought had been nipped in the bud.

"NOOO! He smells like Miss J!"

What a relief! :)

Earlier at church, Miss J had scooped up Joseph and loved on him while I enjoyed a kid-free breakfast. How marvelous!

The distinction between Joseph's stench after my workouts and his sweet rosy-powdery fragrance after a Miss J-snuggle made me think about the aroma of Christ.

Maybe it's a stretch, but I can't help but thinking that I want to be snuggling up to my Savior, the Word, and His promises so that whenever someone decides to come close--you know, heart-intimate-close--that I still have the lingering fragrance of His Majesty and not of the futile works of man.

Lord Jesus, thank you for connecting the everyday to the lasting eternal truths of having an intimate relationship with you. May you make me found fragrant of heaven's glory as I nestle in close under the shelter of your breast. Amen.

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