Saturday, November 17, 2012

Marriage Is So Gross!

Jammer day and views on marriage.

Izzie, explaining to Joseph--nearly three months old--why marriage is so gross, said, "There's lots of hugging and kissing and..."

My two and a half year old, Isaac interrupts, "and COOKIES, too!"

Initially I roared with laughter, especially at the double entendre of "cookies." How could they know?! 

My mind bounced from my dining room table where the conversation was happening to the front room of my childhood home. And my heart saddened. I don't recall having such a sweet, innocent view of marriage.

To my tender eyes, marriage looked strained, artificial, plastic. I remember wanting to be a mommy, but dreading the traditional route of becoming a mommy through marriage. Who would want to be a part of THAT?!

Many years have passed and much healing has allowed me to see the joy and security and safety in loving and being loved by a man who fears the Lord and who loves me with every fiber of his being. 

What a blessing that my children will be able to sit at their dining room table with their children, allow their mind to travel back to their humble beginnings, and remember that in their mommy and daddy's marriage there was lots of hugging and kissing...and cookies. ;)

Lord Jesus, thank you for revealing one more way you have restored my heart and for protecting my children in a marriage where hugging and kissing is the norm. Keep my eyes and heart and kisses ready for the love of my life, my husband. Amen. 




  1. Thank you for sharing this sweet tender moment and for being transparent about the pain from your past, the grace in your present, and the hope for your future!

    (Oh and cute pic!)

  2. Thanks, Adriana for your kind words. AND for all your encouragement to get back to blogging! ;-) You're a great friend. Krista

  3. Thanks for your transparency. I'm happy for what you have found. Deb Shore


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